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Walk the Line, P: Out to Sea

by Sara Zeidan

We left the Institute of Ocean Sciences, in Sidney BC, yesterday afternoon (August 17th) and are currently on the track of Line P. The day before we left was loading day and it really highlighted how much effort and people are required to get a scientific cruise together. It was really great to see the array of scientific gear required for everyone’s projects and made me eager to get everything started and embark on this cruise. Once everything was loaded I had the opportunity to help set up the equipment needed for the cesium filtration. Richard made the system much simpler to run because one look at the system on a few hours of sleep can make anyone go crazy. Continue reading Walk the Line, P: Out to Sea

Walk the Line, P: The Plan

by Sara Zeidan

Peristaltic pumps, columns and filtrate collecting jugs used to process seawater samples for subsequent radiocesium activity determination using gamma spectrometry.

In a few days I will joining the Line P cruise and be among many bright scientists from universities and government agencies. Line P is an oceanographic survey that has been conducted for over 50 years and its route is perpendicular to the coast of British Columbia, stretching 1,500 km into the Pacific Ocean.  Line P is conducted three times a year where various arrays of chemical, physical and biological research take place by scientists from all around. Continue reading Walk the Line, P: The Plan