Health Canada’s Radiation Monitoring Data and the Nuclear Emergency in Japan provides high resolution measurements of radioactivity in Canada for the period following the Fukushima meltdowns in March 2011 and Radiation Dose Data from the Fixed Point Surveillance Network for periods before and since the disaster.

Our Radioactive Ocean is a crowd-funded initiative to monitor the spread of Fukushima derived radionuclides across the Pacific Ocean and to determine resulting impact on the marine environment. Run by Dr. Ken Buesseler and the Center for Marine and Environmental Radioactivity, they provide useful resources to learn about radioactivity in the environment and most recent measurements of Fukushima radioactivity in the Pacific.


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Kelp Watch 2014 is a monitoring program run by Dr. Steven L. Manley (Department of Biological Sciences, California State University- Long Beach) and Dr. Kai Vetter (UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), with the aim to determine the extent of radionuclide contamination (primarily Cesium-137 & -134) in kelp forests along the Pacific coast resulting from the Fukushima disaster.


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