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Current status:

Coastal monitoring:

We have now processed and released results from over 250 samples collected through the InFORM network! New data, from April and May samples, did not reveal any waters with the Fukushima fingerprint isotope, 134Cs (2 year half-life). Low levels of 137Cs (~30 year half-life) were present in all of the samples. These new data continue to lie along the increasing trend which indicates that the leading edge of the Fukushima plume is in BC’s coastal waters.

Biotic Monitoring:

Fish samples are starting to come into the Trudel lab at Nanaimo for processing and the first batch was sent off to InFORM members at Health Canada kicking off the 2016 analysis season. As with previous years, InFORM investigators at the Radiation Protection Bureau will expedite the analyses of these ~100+ samples (we won’t know the final number until the season is over).


Oceanic Monitoring: 


Still to come this August is the research cruise out to Ocean Station Papa in the NE Pacific. Undergraduate researcher, Sara Zeidan, will be aboard collecting InFORM samples for us. This will be her first time to the Pacific Coast and we are hopeful that satellite communication will allow for a few more updates from the ship. Check back on our blog or follow our Facebook or Twitter feeds to make sure you don’t miss out.

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Interested in older samples? Check out our archive!


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