Sara Zeidan

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Advanced Research Complex
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

Sara Zeidan is an undergraduate research assistant with the Cornett Lab at the University of Ottawa. Her role in the InFORM project is to assist in preparing the citizen science samples for analysis on the gamma spectrometer. She is also looking into the factors that may be contributing to the variability observed at each site. Sara’s goal is to become an oceanographer so she is excited to work on this project since it brings together many physical, chemical, and biological dimensions in the same research program.

Her inspriation to follow this career path came from many of public figures in science like David Suzuki, David Attenborough, and Sylvia Earle, to name a few. Sara’s parents have encouraged her to find a path that she is passionate about and she has found motivation through her work contributing to new discoveries. When she’s not studying or working in the lab, Sara can be often be found making and editing films, scuba diving, traveling, and playing soccer with friends and family.

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