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December 2015 Monitoring Sample Collected in Bamfield BC

By Jay T. Cullen

We are partnered with the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) who coordinate our citizen science coastal seawater sampling in the coastal community of Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

I received an email today from BMSC foreshore operations Janice Pierce that the sample was sent out with todays mail from Bamfield and headed to UVic for processing.

Bamfield Dec 2015 -water sample
InFORM coastal seawater sample being collected off of Bamfield from one of BMSC’s research vessels. Great winter sky.

The location of Bamfield is indicated on the map below.

Nov 13th water sample from Bella Bella Community School

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July 2015 InFORMal Monitoring Update

July 2015 CS update-web-01
InFORMal monitoring results for water samples collected in April/May 2015

Results* from April citizen science monitoring are now available from 8 of 11 (above: bold italics) of the current InFORM sampling locations. Additionally, two samples from May are available from Ucluelet and Port Renfrew. The Ucluelet sample was collected by the Ucluelet Aquarium for our partner organization, Our Radioactive Ocean, on May 7th and did contain trace amounts (0.5 Bq m-3) of the Fukushima fingerprint, 134Cs, with it’s short ~2 year half life.  The total level of activity from this sample is roughly half the activity of the February sample, which was the last time 134Cs was detected on the BC coast.   Continue reading July 2015 InFORMal Monitoring Update