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Art, Aliens, and Radiation: Dr. Cullen at the Vancouver Aquarium

Dr. Cullen participated in a panel discussion about the effects of the tsunami and Fukushima disaster at the Vancouver Aquarium on March 7, 2016. Dr. Cullen’s presentation is between 1:15 and 17:00.

Vancouver Aquarium’s original program announcement.

Radioactivity In Our Ocean: Fukushima & Its Impact On The Pacific

The following presentation is for those interested in the most recent, scientifically rigorous, monitoring data related to the impact of the Fukushima Dai-ichi disaster on the health of North Pacific Ocean ecosystem and inhabitants of western North America. Last evening, Sept. 14, 2015 Dr. Ken Buesseler and I reported on monitoring efforts through the Fukushima InFORM and Our Radioactive Ocean projects at a public lecture hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium. The presentation was followed by a Question and Answer period and discussion.

Link to the YouTube video is here in case of browser compatibility problems.