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Episodic Tremor and Slip

2016 ETS
Progression of the latest tremor episode in British Columbia and Washington. Over 10,000 tremors were detected between December 22, 2015 and January 16, 2016. Source: PNSN.

On the evening of December 29th, most of southern BC and northwest Washington felt the jolt of the M4.8 earthquake that was located 19 km NNE of Victoria. While minimal damage was reported, it served as a reminder to many that this is a seismically active region.

However, no one felt the 10,000 small earthquakes, or tremors, that began on December 22nd and continued through January 16th. Yet, combined, these small movements released enough energy to be equivalent to a M6.5 earthquake, or about 350 times the release experienced on December 29th.

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