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Fukushima and the oceans: What do we know, five years on?

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June 30, 2016

A major international review of the state of the oceans 5 years after the Fukushima disaster shows that radiation levels are decreasing rapidly except in the harbour area close to the nuclear plant itself where ongoing releases remain a concern. At the same time, the review’s lead author expresses concern at the lack of ongoing support to continue the radiation assessment, which he says is vital to understand how the risks are changing.

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Art, Aliens, and Radiation: Dr. Cullen at the Vancouver Aquarium

Dr. Cullen participated in a panel discussion about the effects of the tsunami and Fukushima disaster at the Vancouver Aquarium on March 7, 2016. Dr. Cullen’s presentation is between 1:15 and 17:00.

Vancouver Aquarium’s original program announcement.

Presentation to DFO State of the Pacific Ocean

JP Kellogg DFO State of Pacific 2016
Poster presentation for the DFO State of the Pacific meeting on March 1, 2016.

The annual State of the Pacific meeting was held on March 1, 2016 at Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo, BC. We presented this poster to our peers investigating other contemporary phenomenon. Click on the poster to view a larger version.