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Interview on CBC Radio Daybreak North About InFORM with George Baker

Radio interview related to broadcast by CBC Daybreak North on Dec. 10, 2014 by George Baker.  The live radio broadcast highlights efforts of volunteer, citizen scientists Laurel Stueck (student) and Cheryl Paavola (Instructor and Science Lab Tech) at Northwest Community College – Prince Rupert collecting the first seawater sample there in November 2014.


Story About Our Partner Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Island’s Conservation Efforts

Shaw TV’s journalist Rajie Kabli interviews Lucas Harris of Surfrider Vancouver Island, a local partner organization that likes to ride the waves, and keep the beaches clean. Lucas and his organization are helping InFORM to coordinate with citizen scientists in the South Island area to monitor for Fukushima derived radioisotopes in coastal waters. Check them out here. Thanks to Rajie for here interest in our project.