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Sea Star Loss From Our Coast Might Be Mussels Gain

By Jay T. Cullen

Note that the video above was shot on May 8, 2015, set to Debussy’s Clair de Lune, by the YouTube user NorthOlbo who makes wonderful pieces about the British Columbian coast. Check him out.

The purpose of this more visual post is to report on a recent trip my students and I took to a local beach and what we saw there. Botanical Beach is renowned for its tide pools and part of the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park here on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. There are strange conditions currently in the northeast Pacific from the “blob” of warm water related to anomalous winter mixing in 2013-2014 to the widespread disappearance of sea stars owing to wasting disease after infection by virus. Some link these changes in the marine ecosystem to the very low levels of Fukushima derived radioisotope contamination present offshore and recently detected at the shoreline although there is little evidence to support such views nor are such impacts very likely. There is indeed life abundant at Botanical Beach but it is changing. The sea star is a keystone predator whose removal has consequences. The most obvious of these on visiting the beach again was the predominance of California mussels to be found. More about our adventure below the fold. Continue reading Sea Star Loss From Our Coast Might Be Mussels Gain

A Quick Look at a Tide Pool at Botanical Beach Near Port Renfrew BC

This is a short video made on April 4, 2015 at Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew BC, one of our citizen scientist sampling locations organized by Surfrider Vancouver Island. Botanical Beach is at the north end of the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park on the southwest shore of Vancouver Island.

We arrived on the rising tide when the larger, more impressive tide pools were already submerged but this little pool shows the main types of organisms one can find there.  Almost got our feet wet in the end.