Sue Velazquez

Research AssistantSusan Reynolds
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia

Her role with the InFORM project is managing the logistics of all the citizen science samples. Without her, sampling kits wouldn’t ship as smoothly and water wouldn’t get filtered through the resin as efficiently; she makes the operations happen. Sue joined the InFORM project because she wanted to contribute to a program that addresses public concerns for marine and human health. She hopes that the public will gain an appreciation for the scientific process, a better understanding of natural radiation, and hopefully a sense of relief in knowing that our local waters and animals are at safe levels despite Fukushima contamination.

Sue traces her interest in science and nature to a very young age where she was engrossed in National Geographics and similar magazines. Her father was also an environmental science teacher with a marine science background so she says that likely had some influence ;-). When not in the lab, she can be found savoring every new moment with her young sons and husband at her home in Duncan or the surrounding waters and trails.

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