Soroush Shahryari Fard

Advanced Research Complex
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

Soroush Shahryari Fard is the newest InFORM technician at University of Ottawa’s Advanced Research Complex where our citizen science samples are analyzed on the gamma spectrometer for cesium concentrations. An undergrad still thinking about his career goals, Soroush’s scientific talent was identified by Dr. Jack Cornett before his passing last October. While Soroush continues to weigh his passions for environmental science against those for medicine, he is excited to be working with InFORM since it has direct application for monitoring both oceanic and human health and he feels reward for contributing to such a relevant project. He hopes that members of the public will learn from InFORM about some of the greater context of radiation in the environment and that perhaps some of the science will reduce fears born from lack of information or internet-driven misinformation.

Soroush was motivated to become a scientist to learn more about the amazing natural phenomenon in our world. This initial curiosity bloomed when he met with Dr. Jack Cornett who has forever inspired him to follow his passions. When Soroush isn’t studying or in the lab, he may be found playing his violin, reading autobiographies, or watching movies with his friends.

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