Dr. Marc Trudel

Research ScientistDr. Marc Trudel
Head of Salmon Marine Interactions Section
St. Andrews Biological Station
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Dr. Trudel investigates the juveniles, migration, and populations dynamics of British Columbia’s iconic salmon. Prior to the InFORM partnership, Marc was regularly contacted by concerned citizens and colleagues who were interested in potential Fukushima contamination in BC salmon. He is instrumental in the development and implementation of our marine biota sampling and ensures that our samples are representative. Marc hopes that, by monitoring the radiation levels in seafood, the public confidence in the safety and quality of BC seafood will remain high.

Marc traces his motivation to go into science all the way back to the dissections that he did in grade 9 biology. The dissections, and a mild addiction to the medical drama “Quincy”, spurred him down a path towards medical school. However, as time went on, he became interested in microbiology, but microscopes gave him headaches; then neurobiology, but there was a challenge with faculty funding; and, finally, limnology where he became fascinated by fish swimming beneath the dock while collecting a plankton sample. After a quick chat with a new ichthyology hire at the University of Montreal, Marc became his first graduate student.

When not researching, Marc enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter in their newly terraced backyard garden. He is also an accomplished bass player and has a second degree black belt in Shotokan Karate (though his training has slowed since the birth of his daughter…kids will do that).

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