Dr. Jean-Francois Mercier

Dr Jean-Francois MercierHead of the National Monitoring Section
Radiation Protection Bureau
Health Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Mercier joined the InFORM project with three goals in mind. The first was scientific in nature. Could the radioactive plume be tracked as it moves through Canadian waters? Would there be any reflection in fish populations? How well do the models match the observations? Second, he wants to be part of an efficient communications team which he notes is especially important for those working in government. Finally, he wants to establish long-term scientific collaborations since he feels that science is best done as part of a team where you can leverage the expertise of many individuals. JF leads the measurement of all the biota samples that InFORM collects.

With a personal interest for understanding both natural and man-made sources of radiation, he hopes that the public will learn from this project that radiation is around us all the time and, while important to understand and track, the Fukushima accident released a comparatively small amount of radioactivity relative to the collective global sources.

A Mississauga native, and raised all over provincial Quebec, JF doesn’t exactly remember what turned him on to being a scientist, but he thinks that the ability to wear jeans to work was a contributing factor. Currently based out of Gatineau, QC, he enjoys warm summers when he can fire up the BBQ and go canoeing and camping with his family.

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