David Chiumera

TechnicianDavid Chiumera - 240
Advanced Research Complex
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

David Chiumera is the new technician processing InFORM coastal monitoring samples in Dr. Jack Cornett’s lab at the University of Ottawa. He is taking over the position that was previously filled by Cole MacDonald who has moved onto a new career as a data analyst. In this position, David will be analyzing the cesium bearing resins that result from filtering our coastal water samples collected by our InFORMal Scientists. David has previously worked in Dr. Cornett’s lab in previous summers since secondary school, but is looking forward to pursuing his interests in computer science when the term resumes in the fall. Through his work on the InFORM project, he hopes the public will gain some understanding about the oceanic system and the sources of radiation that are around us all the time. He believes that human’s ability to recognize patterns and investigating through the scientific process are vital to understanding otherwise perplexing phenomenon. When he’s not in the lab, David can be found studying, exercising, and hanging out with his friends.

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