Chloe Immonen

Student Research Assistant
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia

Chloe is our 2018 summer student helping with the project. She will sail aboard the CCGS Sir Wilfred Laurier from Victoria, BC to Dutch Harbor and eventually Barrow, AK. When she’s not at sea, Chloe will be assisting in the lab filtering our coastal citizen science samples and preparing kits for shipment around the province.

Chloe is excited to join the project to get the experience both in the lab and, of course, at sea. She hopes that the skills will help her pursue her lifelong dream of becoming either a witch or a mad scientist. Jokingly she notes that, “since the Hogwarts owl carrying my acceptance letter seems to have gotten lost, I will likely be a scientist to search out answers for my curiosities.” She credits her parents with fostering her inquisitive nature. When  not working, Chloe can often be found active outdoors exploring shoreline geology or hiking, or spending the rainy days embroidering and watercolour painting.

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